5 Mistakes in E-Commerce Websites That Can Reduce Growth of Your Business


Online businesses face more competition as their business grows. Even if you have the best product on the market, it's not enough to be successful. The probability of unhappy customers is high; therefore, your transaction journey should be as good as possible.

Top eCommerce website mistakes that can slow your business growth:

The following mistakes should be avoided so as not to slow down the growth of your ecommerce business.

1. Corrupted Google rankings

E-commerce site visitors can access a list of items on the product listing page upon arrival. Many articles require user and search engine friendly ways to display them.

Sometimes you don't want all of your site to be indexed by Google. When Google crawls your product listing, you don't want to show the same meta information on every page, which can hurt your Google rankings.

2. Normalization

You may have multiple pages with similar or identical content on your website. Both sites do a lot of searches for the same items. When this happens, be sure to instruct Google to exclude either site from the search results. To do this, add canonical tags to your content. Most of the time, on the copied page, there is a canonical link to the home page.

3. Unstable website design

If you want your visitors to trust your website, appearance is more important than content. Unless you're an experienced designer, don't try to tackle this project alone. If the aesthetics of your website are not important to your business, choose a reputable ecommerce platform. If your business depends on great design, don't keep costs down by hiring inferior employees.

4. Product Details

Product descriptions are the most common SEO problem for new ecommerce sites, and one that most of us encounter on a regular basis. If your product description is a blatant copy of the original provided by the manufacturer, search engines cannot bring many customers to your product page. In order for your results to appear on the first page of search results for specific product pages, Google marks them as duplicates of other pages.

5. Failure to consider the interests of the target audience and company strategy

One of the most important factors in convincing customers to buy from you instead of Amazon is your culture. To compete with e-commerce giants, you must first identify a niche and gain the trust of that audience.

Closing remarks:

Many mistakes could have been avoided if internet companies had been careful in their planning. Even if you've made some of these mistakes in the past, you should be able to correct most of them. Customers will respect you more if you avoid the pitfalls listed above. Customers should be your number one priority, and you should do whatever it takes to please them and be a great brand.